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Support and training
Jan 29, 2024

With SureLC’s Affiliations feature, you can organize producers by group, apply custom validation rules, setup carrier and product restrictions, create custom registration links, and much more!

To learn more about using the Affiliations feature, check out the awesome guides at our Help Center, all which can be found at THIS LINK.

News and updates
Oct 18, 2023

New SureLC Integration with Annuities Genius

SuranceBay is excited to unveil a new integration with Annuities Genius, debuting in SureLC tomorrow, October 19th! Through this integration, producers will gain the ability to seamlessly utilize Annuities Genius for quoting and illustration purposes with direct access to the website right from their SureLC profiles.

Producers can sign up for a free trial and when they decide to use Annuities Genius beyond the trial period, the producer will be charged by Annuities Genius to use their software. There is no charge to agencies for their producers’ Annuities Genius accounts. You can learn more about the integration between SureLC and Annuities Genius at THIS LINK.

Connecting SureLC producer profiles to Annuities Genius provides the following benefits:

  • Carrier and product availability will be synchronized automatically from your agency’s SureLC account to Annuities Genius (including any affiliation or carrier restrictions). As a result, quoting will only show the available carriers/products from your agency’s settings.
  • Carrier rules will be verified to ensure that producers are not missing required information, like training or licenses. The requirements status will be shown in the Annuities Genius e-applications.
  • When producers add missing information to their SureLC profiles, the updated information will be immediately reflected in Annuities Genius.
News and updates
Oct 04, 2023

New Integration with Royal Neighbors of America

Effective Tuesday October 10th, SuranceBay will enable direct integration with the carrier, Royal Neighbors of America.

The integration will enable the direct electronic upload of contracting requests for this carrier.

CLICK HERE for more information about the integration.

News and updates
Sep 20, 2023

New Carrier Integration with AuguStar Financial

Effective Monday September 25th, SuranceBay will enable direct integration with AuguStar Financial that will include the following carriers in SureLC:

AuguStar Financial (Traditional)
AuguStar Financial (Institutional)
AuguStar Financial (IMO)

The integration will enable the direct electronic upload of contracting requests for this carrier, similar to other electronic uploads for carriers such as Legal & General America (LGA), Nationwide, Symetra and Medico.

CLICK HERE for more information about the integration.

Support and training
Aug 14, 2023

Would you like an assist with monitoring training?

Instead of investing significant time in locating training and ensuring CE compliance details for your producers, allow SureLC to handle this task for you. Utilizing our Training Concierge, producers can effortlessly oversee their training records from a wide array of training providers. All they need to do is follow the instructions provided in THIS GUIDE.

Remember to inform your producers that SuranceBay’s Training Concierge has the capability to offer authenticated evidence of their training statuses when submitting contracting requests to carriers via SureLC.

News and updates
Aug 03, 2023

New Feature! Producer Demographic Monitoring

We are delighted to introduce yet another exciting feature enhancement: Producer Demographic Monitoring. Now available on SureLC.com!

By consistently monitoring for changes in the PDB report, SureLC can proactively alert your agency about demographic adjustments related to your active Producers and Firms. This facilitates swift notifications about these changes, allowing you to quickly apply those changes to the producer’s profile when applicable.

For a deeper understanding of demographic updates within SureLC, feel free to explore our Help Center and delve into THIS GUIDE.

News and updates
Jun 15, 2023

New Feature! Get in the FASTLANE with SureLC.

Starting this Monday, June 19th, the Fastlane is open!  This time-saving new feature allows you to CREATE MULTIPLE CONTRACT REQUESTS AT ONCE!

You can choose from two avenues, both with their own turbo-charged workflow:

  • Create multiple contract requests for many producers to a single carrier.
  • Create multiple contract requests for one producer to many carriers.

If you’d like to learn more about our pedal to the metal upgrade, we’ve created a guide which shows how to use the new feature, and you can view that in our Help Center at THIS LINK.

When you log in to surelc.com, you will have access to Fastlane in the main menu starting this Monday!

News and updates
Jun 11, 2023

A Fresh Coat of Paint

We are excited to present the revamped appearance of SureLC.com, featuring various improvements that bring you better visibility into feature announcements, training highlights, service status, and much more! We sincerely appreciate your continued usage of SureLC.com, powered by SuranceBay.

Support and training
Dec 12, 2022

Get up to speed on how to use SureLC.com with our full suite of training articles available at this link.

News and updates
Dec 12, 2022

SureLC.com Has Arrived!

Today marks the launch of the all new and modern SureLC, built from the ground up as a web-based platform. That means it’s even easier to access the industry’s leading onboarding and compliance platform on any computer. There are zero downloads or installations, just open SureLC.com in your web browser to login and go!

News and updates
Dec 09, 2022

Beginning this Monday, December 12, agency admins will no longer be able to access the desktop version of SureLC. They can use the same login credentials here on SureLC.com!

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